When Carmen’s father-in-law, Jerry, invites her and Leo out for dinner, the couple is excited to spend time with him. However, Jerry, known for his frugal habits, pretends to be generous with the invitation. Instead, he hands the bill over to Leo, claiming that he lost his wallet. When the couple realizes the truth, they decide to teach him a lesson.

Last weekend, my father-in-law, Jerry, invited my husband, Leo, and me to an upscale restaurant for dinner.

“We haven’t had a meal together in weeks,” Jerry said on the phone. “It’s time for us to just sit down and enjoy a good meal.”

“Should we pick you up, Dad?” Leo asked while shutting off his laptop.

“No,” Jerry said. “I’ll meet you there.”

“This is nice,” I told my husband. “We don’t do things like this very often. I think we should dress up and make a night of it.”


“I agree, honey,” Leo said. “Let’s just have a good time.”

The restaurant was exquisite, with soft lighting and a gentle hum of live jazz music in the background.

“He really chose a fancy place,” Leo said, taking my hand while we looked around for Jerry.

“Hey, you two! Over here!” Jerry called out, his face lit up with a broad smile.

“Hi, Dad,” Leo said, bending down to hug his father.

I pulled out my chair and we sat down, ready to just spend time with Jerry.

“Tell me about you two,” Jerry said, eyeing the menu. “What’s been happening with you? Are you still at that law firm, Carmen?”

“Yes, I’ve made partner, too!” I said excitedly. “But the official announcement will only come in the new year.”

Leo went on to talk about work and how he was looking for us to buy a house.

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