Someday everyone will reach their old age and so he or she starts to ponder on this serious fact. People are worried about health, housing. And these ingenious and cheerful grandmothers have taken care of their retirement earlier. They decided to change their life and move to a little campers where they can feel comforted and joyful. And they really managed it!

This ladies didn’t want to appear at a nursing home and were firm to take care of themselves only on thier own. So they tried not to be a burden for their family memebers and bought their small houses in advance.

And you will get shocked to see how amazing conditions they have!: a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and other household appliances which can make their daily life easy.

They also had a cozy porch-veranda where they placed a hot tub to have a spa resort at home, and their girfriend neighbors enjoy going there for treatments.

These ladies are realy proud and content of what they have done. They are truely happy and enjoy the rest of their life with lovely moments and emotions. They have enough pensions for their needs, and what is the most important!: they never bother anyone with their complains or wishes. Smart and resourceful ladies themselves took care of creating conditions for themselves. It is really appreciative and respectful!

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