When memories of the one who slipped away haunted me again, I didn’t foresee the unfolding events. That crucial phone call redirected me down a road I hadn’t traveled in five years, starting with turmoil but leading me to a hopeful outlook for my future.

Perhaps I inadvertently brought this on myself by dwelling on past thoughts, or maybe destiny played its hand—I’m not certain. Here’s my story; you be the judge.

The late afternoon sun cast long shadows across my apartment through the blinds. I sat at my desk, lost in thought, barely noticing the blinking cursor on my computer screen. Time had passed, yet some wounds seemed resistant to healing. It had been five years since I ended things with David.

Five years since discovering his infidelity. Back then, I was a different person—hopeful, deeply in love with David, and envisioning a future together. His betrayal felt like a dagger through my heart, shattering my world in an instant.

I loved him, but I knew I couldn’t stay with someone who had deeply hurt and betrayed me. So, I walked away from our relationship, and since then, I’ve been trying to move forward, though the scars remained.


Life progressed post-breakup—I graduated, secured a stable job, and formed a new social circle. Despite these achievements, the pain from the past occasionally resurfaced.

Today was one of those days when that pain unexpectedly struck, deep and sharp. As I was engrossed in these thoughts, my phone rang, jolting me.

I glanced at the screen, and my heart skipped a beat—it was David! Hesitating, my fingers hovered over the answer button. A mix of curiosity and anxiety surged through me. Why would he call now, after all this time?

Taking a deep breath, I did what I probably shouldn’t have—I answered. “Hello?” I whispered, my voice barely steady. “Hi, Emma,” he responded, his voice familiar yet distant, trembling with significance.

I realized then—he was CRYING. “It’s David. I… I need to talk to you.” My stomach knotted as I braced myself. “David? What’s happening?” After a pause, he dropped a bombshell.

“I’m getting married today,” he confessed, his voice laden with guilt. My heart plummeted. His words struck me like a physical blow. “And I only have a few minutes before the ceremony, so PLEASE, please don’t hang up,” he pleaded.

“I’ve been hiding a massive secret about why we broke up.” He paused, then continued, “I need to tell you the truth before I go through with my marriage.” Stunned, I managed to ask, “What truth?”

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